22.11.2000 (10:27pm):

Time for a big update. The only demoparty in Slovenia, Abort2000, is over. It was fun, a lot of people, loud music, shitty music and crappy graphics. The fact is, Sofia's pieces were eliminated in preselection in both mp3 and multichannel compos. What a shame and embarassment for organisers. This is simply another proof, that such small country still isn't ready for fresher and more inovative sounds. Logicaly, the piece which won the competition was in techno tupctupc eurodance style.

All in all, we are proud to serve you with a pack of 8 new pieces from sofia, above all the ones which were eliminated (waharan and kongoyo). And here's a hint: we officially don't deny that sofia had anything to do with 'shizogama' animation which came third.

17.11.2000 (06:27pm):

"...this one _really_ blew me away. this girl is way ahead of us. her music never sease to surprice me."
Mortimer Twang

24.06.2000 (01:27am):

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