sofia is tracker cyberbabe. she's working mostly with impulse tracker. with her unique style she found many friends also online and has participated at the only slovene demoparty abort with her entry. with a lot of experiences in music and classical education influences her style might develop into something very original and charming.



gordon is some stupid guy from usa. if you wanna meet him, you got to listen to music from this site. actually gordon is not real. he's an illusion. but somehow he lives in sofia's masterpieces. don't ask me how. he is just there...



kinghood is lab. lab for creating good music, funny pictures and really strange clothes. we won't tell you the exact location 'cause we know you gonna all obssessed run straight there and try to posses the sofia herself.



incredible! you can have :sofia: wallpaper on you desktop! get your version: 800x600 or 1024x768 pixel resolution.

many of you probably wonder how the heck sofia actually looks like. here is little picture for your curious minds.