most of sofia's pieces are made with impulse tracker and are released in impulse tracker format, packaged with winzip. some o fthem are also in mp3 format. for listening pleasure you should use impulse tracker, modplug player or winamp. the latter is best for mp3s not modules.




- abort2000 multichan compo entry -




- abort2000 mp3 compo entry -




"the towel"
- abort2000 entry made with friends nu and hipatia -




"gordon rides his bike to the top"
(gordon gre s kolesom gor)
- -




"lalala land"
(lalala land)
- -




"entrance to the subway"
(vhod v podzemsko)
- -




"gordon and gordona in the spa"
(gordon in gordona v toplicah)
- -




"one out of five red memories"
(eden od petih rdecih spominov)
- symphonic.bachalike.communist.messup -




"3 slices of bread"
(3 rezine kruha)
- piano.transformations.for.theater.ep -




"gordon, zvezda je rumena"
(gordon, this star is yellow)
- follow.space.ambiental.crazyness. -




"predstavi mi soseda"
(introduce me your neighbour)
- guitar.improvisations.in.a.jazz.simplicity. -





"tango na prucki"
- free.jazz.sax.orchestral.mixup. -





"finski trajekt"
(the finland ferry)
- play.games.funny.melod.nu-coop.idm. -





"gordon na soldatovem vrhu"
("gordon on the soldier's peak")
- abort99.entry.with.wonderfull.alps.achordeon.n.screams. -





"gordana v helikopterju"
("gordana aboard the chopper")
- .whole.orchestra.testing.your.imagination. -





"gordana pri frizerju v istri"
("gordana in barber's shop in istria" )
- .native.istria.melodies.in.full.effect. -





"gordon si je stesal barko"
("gordon makes himself a boat")
- sad.up.n.down.piano.lessons - -





"gordon se gre lovca v makedoniji"
("gordon the hunter in macedonia")
- .symphonic.wild.jumpy.flute.clavichord.happiness. -





- jazz.drumnbass.echoed.maddness -