a theatrical & publishing project

The project consist of three parts:

  • 1.collecting the textual matrices from variuous narrators
  • 2.the performance, i.e. the act of recording the stories of narrators
  • 3.published collection of the stories titled POINT YOUR FOREFINGER

The performance has its final vizual form.The author and performer Breda Kralj - SOFIA is using just one object i.e. a specially shaped mask made of iron sheet. This mask replaces the usual theatre space. As far from client´s eye as suitable for reading there is a projection frame into which transparent epidiascope plates can be inserted, holding the inscriptions.The purpose of the mask is to isolate the client.Immediately after the projection is over the client is supposed to create a strory of his own that is related to the theme given by the matrix. His story is recorded on tape or, in another option, the client writes it down and signs it immediately after the projection is over. This performance is being held on official hours (from 10 AM to 2 PM). The client stays in the room all alone for approximately 15 minutes. There are no witnesess. The performance is being held in silence. The usual everyday noises of the house do not disturb it. The clients are chosen by the hosting art institution in accordance with the author. To run the performance the author needs an assistant who is being chosen by the art institution as well. Also the author needs at least 4 clients a day. All the other condition are negotiable.

The author´s reation to the client is semiprivate since the ultimate aim of the process is the published collection of stories; its circulation will not reach the number of the participants. The performance is easy to run and percive.The author is responsible for organiziring and running the performance, its language being English.

The producer Kulturno drustvo B51b51@mail.ljudmila.org
http://mila.ljudmila.org/exponto/ will agree with the manager about the details, timetable and production costs.


























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